The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Darkshroud Keep

Quest Walkthrough

By: Baratheon79 (Josh Perkins)


Thank you for downloading Darkshroud Keep. This mod for Morrowind was a project that kept me busy for several weeks, and so I hope that you enjoy playing it.


This walkthrough was written simply because of the numerous emails I have received with people who were stuck on the quest. In most cases it was always the same issue, but I have decided to covered the ENTIRE quest from start to finish here.





This walkthrough contains very detailed information on the entire quest, so do not read any further unless you are completely stuck, or you will spoil it.Consider yourself warned.



Note: Because of some of the opponents youíll face in this mod, I recommend that you wait to try this quest until you are reasonably high level (at least level 20, depending on your class).


The quest begins in the Eight Plates in Balmora. Go there and talk to a woman named Kiria. She will inform you that she has lost contact with an associate who was operating out of Seyda Neen, and will give you a quest to find out what happened to him. She will also give you a ring that will tell the associate that you are a friend (the ring is kind of useless, as you will see later).


Go to Seyda Neen and ask around about Kiriaís associate, whoís name is Karakian. You will find one person in Arilleís Tradehouse who will know of him, a Bosmer named Farash. Youíll have to pay him for some info, but he will direct you to an old abandoned dock located east of the village.


Go to the dock, but be very careful because there is an assassin waiting, who has a chameleon item, a crossbow, and some very nasty poisoned bolts.Some form of resistance to poison would obviously be a big help here, or else you better be fairly quick at dodging incoming bolts. The good news though is that, once you get past that damned crossbow, the assassin goes down pretty easily. If you take him out quickly enough, there will still be a decent number of poison bolts on his corpse (they may come in handy later).


There are a couple of corpses at the dock, people whom the assassin has already slain. The one in ebony armor is Karakian. Try to loot his corpse to get his journal added to your inventory, and the corpse will then disappear.(Now wasnít that evil of me, putting that nice ebony armor on the body and then not letting you get it?)


Read the journal, and you will get a hint about the next part of the quest.For now though, you should return to Balmora and let her know what happened to Karakian.


As soon as you enter the Eight Plates, another assassin will attack Kiria, and should kill her fairly quickly.Note that this is where most people tend to screw up.A high enough level player could kill the assassin in time to save Kiria, however, she is supposed to die.In other words, if you can kill the assassin before he kills Kiria, DONíT.Just wait until she dies (wonít take long), and then kill the assassin when he comes after you. (Note that in a future version, Kiria might just die instantly when you enter the cell, to prevent this problem from occurring.)


Since Kiria is now dead, you are left with Karakianís journal to figure out what to do next.Read the journal carefully, as it mentions a cave a short distance north of the abandoned dock near Seyda Neen.Go find it.


Inside the cave, you will find a hermit.Talk to him.You will eventually get him to direct you to someone who knows about the evil knightsí island fortress.The person is a Bosmer named Quoren, and may be found in Deseleís House of Earthly Delights, in Suran.


Go talk to Quoren, and for a fee, he will teleport you to the island (note that any companions you may have with you will not accompany you).Note that this is a one-way teleport; you have no way back short of a VERY long swim until you finish the quest.


You will find yourself on a small point of land off the main island (which itself is quite small).If you have a decent invisibility or chameleon spell or item, then use it (youíll see why in a moment).Then swim around the island toward the south until you come to a dock.Note the iron-armor-clad corpse and all the arrows embedded in the dock planks and posts (little hint as to what youíre up against).The keep now looms in the center of the tiny island, surrounded by a handful of dead trees.


Remember when I recommended using invisibility or chameleon before?Well, thatís because there are a few knight archers atop the walls of the keep just waiting to rain arrows down on you.There are also a few melee-type knights in the courtyard.If youíre pretty high level or have really awesome gear, go ahead and take them on if you want.Or, if you prefer the stealthy approach, you can use invis or chameleon and just walk right past them and in the front door of the keep.


You will now find yourself in the main hall of the keep, which is guarded by several more knights.You donít HAVE to fight them unless you want to; just run to one of the doors to the upper levels.


There are two upper levels, and each is patrolled by a single knight.You can either fight them or try to slip past them, depending on your personal preference.The only person here you really HAVE to kill is the lord of the keep, Arthros Darkshroud.Once he dies, all the hostile knights will disappear, and you will get the keep for yourself.


Now you have fast travel by boat to and from the old dock in Seyda Neen.You can also get a teleport ring by talking to Corillia, who appears once Arthros Darkshroud is dead.She will give you an easy quest, which simply involves going back to Suran, killing Quoren, and then returning to speak with her (simple, eh?).




Here ends this quest walkthrough.I hope you had fun playing this mod.You may now treat the keep as your new home, if you wish.


If you have any questions, feedback, or other comments you can contact me at: