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Rethan Expansion
Current Version: 2.2 Requires TRIBUNAL Expansion!
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Adds many enhancements to the Hlaalu stronghold of Rethan Manor, a complete fourth stage of construction. Should now work with Join All Houses. Also includes a Necessities of Morrowind-compatible version of the esp.

** Note: This mod contains 2 esp files. DO NOT use both; see readme.

File Size: 1.51 MB
Date Added: 02/06/2005

Darkshroud Keep
Current Version: 1.2 Original Morrowind v1.2.0722
Adds a new stronghold on an island in the Azura's Coast region, which the player can gain through a quest. The stronghold is built in the Imperial style, and includes a main hall, trophy room, armory, dungeon, study, and two bedrooms. This mod also gives the player the option to buy knights who will help the player in a fight.
File Size: 1.54 MB
Date Added: 04/14/2004